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Scroll down to make Fish house Reservations

All reservations require a deposit to secure the reservation dates.

Reservations made with no deposit are not secured until a deposit is received and someone else can take these reservation dates.


One night rentals available     Sunday - Wednesday only!

unless we have a single night gap between reservations, if interested in a single night stay on the weekend email me and I will provide you with current openings.


For groups renting more than one house, we will place house's in close proximity if desired and we have the time between reservations. please notify us 2 weeks in advance if requesting this.

We Also Rent


  New to ice fishing? Complete ice fishing equipment bundle is available.


Please add when making your reservations to ensure Availability.

Please be sure to check the fish house facts page for info on what you need to bring, what we provide and cancelation info.

There is a 2 Night minimum stay, for all sleeper house reservations Thursday - Saturday nights unless prior approval.

If you would like a day rental  please contact me. 612-227-5526


Attention !  If you begin a reservation and have to exit or back up it will be locked for 20-30 min. Just wait and try again.

Mobile users click on house and swipe for photos

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